CTIS’ CEO, Mr. Raj Shah, visiting professor for Johns Hopkins University (JHU) was invited to participate in the TIME-Global Health Course on chronic and non-communicable diseases (NCDs). The course, which allows medical students both in India and in the U.S. to compare, contrast, and discuss the experience of patients with heart disease in both those countries, discusses the genetics, epidemiology, diagnosis, and management of heart disease among South Asians in the two targeted countries. The webcast included student participation from BJ Government Medical College, Pune, India ; Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MarylandDY Patil Medical College, Navi Mumbai, India; and CTIS, Inc., Rockville, Maryland.

Mr. Shah, as a recent heart transplant patient, provided patient perspective on the challenges and opportunities for the U.S., India, and beyond. He discussed the risk factors for diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease among South Asians, how to engage the healthcare system for NCD diagnosis and clinical care, and the intersection of Western and South Asian traditions. He also remarked on the need for patient education, importance of social determinants of health, the data-empowered patient and the prevention and expansion of primary care.

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