Data science includes the collection of data from disparate systems, use of analytical modeling techniques, and visualization of data to predict and improve business performance. At CTIS, we understand that data is at the core of business operations—including the ability to predict trends and identify risks. We provide data analytics services to our clients in health research, healthcare, and public health. We recognize the future of healthcare depends on data analysis—including the ability to reduce costs through the use of registries and monitoring.

Our innovation allows biomedical scientists to engage more fully with Big Data. We provide solutions that include data mining, predictive analytics, and reporting. We also offer data warehousing, natural language processing, and visualization analytics.


  • Data extraction, transformation, and loading
  • Data warehouse design
  • Data mining and text mining
  • Natural language processing
  • Business intelligence and decision support using OLAP
  • Visualization analytics
  • Big data analytics