ROCKVILLE, Md., May 17, 2022 — CTIS, Inc. announced today that its Founder and Executive Chairman, Raj N. Shah, passed away early Tuesday morning, May 17, 2022, following a brief hospitalization and after a long, courageous battle to restore his health. He was surrounded by his wife and CTIS CEO, Bharti Shah, and three daughters Suni, Rina, and Nicki.

As the founding director and former Chairman/CEO of CTIS, Raj was the visionary and a key driving force behind the company’s success. His mission to improve patient care drove his nearly 40-year commitment to excellence in health informatics. He believed in promoting global health equity, using information technology to deliver the best clinical and policy outcome to help providers and physicians support the patient’s need for prevention, early disease detection, care management, health education and research. Raj’s in-depth knowledge of how to make the health industry deliver high-quality access, continuity, and management of care in building evidence-based disease management models at a high return on investment. His knowledge and success led to his working on the Affordable Care Act and the formation of the Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) under the Health Care Reform Bill. He was also invited to the G20 Health Summit for his publication on global health, information and communication technology. Raj was a gifted speaker, delivering more than 100 lectures, talks, and panel discussions at workshops, conferences, and seminars.

Raj was a generous spirit, providing over $25 million in philanthropic contribution through his foundations through CTIS and personally in the areas of cancer, heart, HIV/AIDS and child well-being. Raj participated in non-profit fundraising and raised nearly $600M for Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), Washington Hospital Center (WHC), Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation, Arogya Foundation and many more.

Raj had time for everyone and was always engaged and interested in the people he met. He had a great intellect and was forever learning new things and developing new ideas.

A hallmark of Raj’s leadership was building a substantial and deep bench of senior management to ensure that the company’s guiding principles will remain intact and that its vision to build efficient solutions for health informatics and information technology through strategic partnerships and research will continue.

CTIS will carry forward, the legacy and passion of serving our customers and helping to improve the lives of patients. Raj’s guidance, leadership, passion, and tireless efforts will never be forgotten.