Dr. Teresa S. Sligh, MD, joins CTIS, Inc. as the Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer. She has served for 15 years as the founder and president of Translational Research Group, Inc., a special populations CRO and all-phase research center in Los Angeles conducting studies in internal medicine, endocrinology, infectious disease, chronic pain, gastrointestinal, respiratory, allergy and dermatology.

Dr. Sligh is returning to CTIS, Inc. where she previously served as the Chief Medical/Strategy Officer as an architect for CTRM, TrialBridge and other strategies.

Dr. Sligh is board eligible in Internal Medicine Research Path, having trained in Internal Medicine at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, Texas, and received her M.D. degree from Texas A&M College of Medicine. She completed graduate work in protease enzymology and received her Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry from the University of New Mexico.

Initially as a biochemist, Dr. Sligh conducted basic research in metabolism, molecular and cellular biology. She subsequently worked as a medicinal biochemist in the analysis, characterization, manufacturing and quality of pharmaceuticals. Later she transitioned into clinical research serving as a drug development lead, CRA, IRB member, regulatory, quality and subject matter expert. In the past 20 years, Dr. Sligh has served as principal investigator on more than 450 clinical trials of biologics, pharmaceuticals, apheresis, cell therapies, devices, implantables, digital technologies (ingestible, wearable and handheld), real world, nutraceuticals and multidisciplinary therapies.

During her recent 10 year service as a board member for a publicly-held corporation, Dr. Sligh’s vision leadership resulted in the re-focusing and transformation of a blood bank company into a niche supplier in the bioresearch space providing cGMP compliant cell collections for emerging markets in cell therapy. This internal startup was grown from $0 revenue in 2011 to $20.2M revenue in 2017 with no debt or dilution yielding a 2017 gross profit of 53%.

Dr. Sligh dedicates her efforts to evangelizing and improving clinical research as well as to providing free medical care to underserved populations.