Congratulations to Sudhir Raju, CTIS, Inc. and NCI/CTEP team !!

CTIS team received the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI’s) Director’s Award “In recognition of outstanding leadership in the development and implementation of the Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program’s Clinical Oncology Research Enterprise” on December 5, 2019. The honor spotlights the CTEP CORE Development Group consisting of NCI staff and CTIS team members’ work with developing and implementing an enterprise-level information technology (IT) platform called the Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program’s (CTEP’s) Clinical Oncology Research Enterprise (CORE) and CTEP-ESYS (CTEP Enterprise System.

CTEP-ESYS is a suite of applications developed to support NCI/CTEP’s mission to improve the lives of cancer patients by finding better ways to treat, control, and cure cancer. The team includes NCI staff, and Sudhir Raju, Yogi Byreddy and Yvette Grainger from CTIS.

CTEP CORE represents a comprehensive, integrated IT solution that fully supports NCI/CTEP processes and its mission. It is an integrated collection of 40+ clinical trial research management applications that assist CTEP, other NCI staff, and the extramural community in many clinical trial domains, such as Information Security, study administration and logistics, clinical data capture and reporting, regulatory monitoring and reporting, data quality and control and correlative study data. CTIS team has developed and maintained CTEP-ESYS which includes 25+ applications and also worked with various NCI/CTEP contractors to integrate the systems to provide a seamless and efficient experience for the NCI/CTEP Branches and their stakeholders.

CTIS, Inc. is honored to be recognized by NCI Director for the collaborative group to establish the Clinical Oncology Research Enterprise!!