“Big data” is a term that describes the management, aggregation, and analysis of unprecedented amounts of data. Most approaches to handling such vast quantities of information were not economically viable just a few years ago. As a leader in the health informatics industry, CTIS understands that unlocking the untapped potential of big data is critical to improvement of patient care.

Scientists are now beginning to unlock the 150 million petabytes of data contained in the human body. Big data can create more precisely targeted care, offering insight about the correlative connections that exist between seemingly disparate pieces of information.

At CTIS, we have developed new ways to tackle the challenges of big data. We have honed cutting-edge approaches to storage, analysis, curation, security, transfer, sharing, and privacy. We have also partnered with industry leader Hortonworks to deliver the most cost efficient solutions to our clients. Using the tools of big data, our firm facilitates trend recognition for researchers and healthcare providers. We are equipped with the ability to help tailor medical treatments and research, turning big data into even bigger knowledge.

Our approach to unlocking the potential of Big Data involves four major phases: Ingestion, Refinement, Analysis, and Decision.

Sources of data in the healthcare industry are disparate and numerous – from insurance claims and patient scans to the dialogue of social media. CTIS leverages a variety of tools, such as Scoop, Flume, vendor-supplied utilities, and custom-developed scripts to ingest data into Big Data storage platforms. We have experience with Apache Hadoop, NoSQL, and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). As a result, we know how to “gulp” petabytes of data on commodity servers and disks at an affordable price.

We use open source and proprietary tools to refine and or aggregate data. During the refinement phase, we apply structure using tools such as Pig, Hive, HCatalog, Perl, C, Java, Yarn, Hadoop 2.0, and Map Reduce.

During this critical phase, data is transformed into knowledge through advanced capabilities. We harness the power of predictive analytics, graph analytics, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence, tailoring our approach to the specific needs of the client.

This is the final presentation phase. Results are presented to healthcare professionals so that decisions can be made. Our mobile solutions augment the power of knowledge by delivering recommendations instantaneously.