Combining IT innovation with health research and care

At CTIS, our healthcare solutions are in lockstep with the latest advancements in science, medical research, and management consulting. As a result, our customers have a greater ROI, providers operate more efficiently, and researchers save time.

Today, we offer the next-generation of solutions for informatics and health research, turning data into actionable information for patients and providers.

  • Customer partnerships: more than 25 years of experience with government research institutions, specifically the National Institutes of Health
  • Outcome driven: diligence and commitment to achieving client goals at a reasonable, fair price
  • Experts: team of tech-savvy leaders with in-depth knowledge about medical and healthcare systems
  • Diversity: custom-tailored IT solutions for public and private clients
  • Innovation: a visionary culture leading the next generation of ideas in patient care and public health.

At CTIS, we recognize that growth comes through effective, purpose-driven leadership. We believe every client interaction is an opportunity for success. We treat clients and partners with courtesy and respect. This means actively listening and being responsive to concerns, needs, hopes, and aspirations. The rapid advancement of healthcare means new technologies and models of care.  CTIS embraces the dynamism of a healthier society and meaningful change.