A Personalized Health Solution for Prevention, Intervention and Management of Diseases.

Changing our perspective of the value of the data will lead us to the future of better analysis and outcomes.

A new world of improved human health can be enabled through the creation of a Digital Health Forest.

The health system must refashion itself into a service-oriented enterprise capable of delivering quality care to everyone.

ICT and Education promise to mitigate global health problems by delivering the right health information to the right stakeholders at the right time.

We must refine data and identify new ways to convert data into smart information.

Healthcare intelligence tools can improve the ways in which a patient manages his or her own healthcare. These tools also allow providers to offer more comprehensive and tailored treatments.

The government and private sector need to invest in an open-source, standards-based architectural platform to build mobile applications.

Veterans remain susceptible to health disparities due to the shortage of on‐demand physicians, researchers, and health workers.

Healthcare systems and providers must place themselves at the forefront of the changing healthcare landscape, existing to fulfill both volume and value‐based requirements.